Community Update #1

To all the sparks out there who don’t want to be strangers and are ready to ignite the gaming community

reignite is currently preparing full throttle for the release of the beta and we thought we’d give you an insight into where we currently stand. Dev updates like this will be coming regularly from now on! ☺

What happened so far?

We did a small, closed alpha test with a technical prototype of the reignite platform at the end of May/beginning of June and were thrilled how high the feedback we received indicated that people would be willing to use it already in an “unpolished” state. <3

So the goal to openly release a beta version soon became clear and we used the feedback from the alpha testers to see what the most important features and improvements for the beta would be first and what we would focus on.

Communication is key!

We love Discord and don’t intend to recreate it and take you away from Discord, which is why you can link your username and if applicable Discord server in your reignite profile. Nevertheless, it was out of the question for us that you should be able to write your potential matches directly to us on reignite, so that you don’t have to accept Discord friend requests or make sure that you are on the same server to chat with each other, if you play together and get to know each other.

That’s why the reignite beta has its own friends list and chat!

We hope you’re as eager as we are to get your hands on the beta and look forward to showing you more, matching with you, and gaming with you soon!

reignite Josh

Do you have any questions? Did we forget something?

Then use our contact form and ask us your question. We’ll get back to you super duper fast. As fast as our internet connection allows. Or check out our FAQ section, we hope that helps you.