Community Update 10-2021

Only a little less than a month until beta! 🤩

In just under a month, the time has finally come! reignite will be released in its first beta version and made openly available to everyone free of charge! Although we still have a lot of plans until a full release, we don’t want to keep our Teammate Finder as the most important core component from you any longer and are super excited about your feedback. Here now already a foretaste:

The Teammate Finder

There are three important factors that the Teammate Finder takes into account in its matching process to find suitable teammates.

  • Main profile – These are details about your personality and game-independent behavior
  • Time – Indicates what times you are generally available and how many hours of that time you actually play per week.
  • Game Profile – This is for game specific information such as rank, role, game mode, etc. (varies individually for each game)

For each of the three categories, a score is determined as to how well a person matches your profile. In addition, a total score is then formed from these three scores.

To start a search, simply select the game you want to search for.
Then you will directly get a list of all reignite users who also play this game, sorted by total score.

Filter your matches

Besides the main profile, time and match profile there are also general details which have no influence on the scores, but which you can use to filter the list of possible matches.
The following filters are currently possible:

  • Age range
  • Online status (i.e. “Online Only”)
  • Country
  • Gender
  • Languages

Here it is important for us to emphasize: It is optional: to indicate age, gender, etc. in the profile! For example, if you leave the gender field open and other users filter explicitly by gender, your profile will not appear in their search.


If you’re as hyped about this as we are, sign up for the beta now and invite your friends to get bonuses that won’t be available in the full release! Because those who support us in the first hours and are with us from the beginning should never be forgotten. ❤️🔥

Kind regards

Do you have any questions? Did we forget something?

Then use our contact form and ask us your question. We’ll get back to you super duper fast. As fast as our internet connection allows. Or check out our FAQ section, we hope that helps you.