Community Update 12-2021

reignite beta recap

November went by so fast that we skipped straight to the 11-2021 update and continued on 12-2021. 😅 What a year! From an idea to a working beta version. reignite has become a reality! We have worked eagerly and joyfully towards the beta release on 30.11 and could hardly wait to flip the switch at 17 clock. It was nice to see how bit by bit during the evening more and more people logged in and created profiles. 🔥

Your feedback was wonderful 🥰

In the first days after the beta release we received very positive feedback from our community. We also received constructive feedback on the mobile browser version of the platform. We’ve been working hard for you and the community here for the past two weeks, quickly making more usability and mobile handling improvements. So feel free to check back in via your smartphone. 😊 What we are very pleased that especially our Discord server is so well received. (Here you can express feedback and wishes at any time and communicate directly with the community and us). Here are some more screenshots of the mobile version:

Game request? No problem.

We started with the claim to offer every gamer a home. Since the number of games is almost infinite, we now have the channel “game-wishlist” in our Discord, here you can request new titles, which should be integrated into the platform. We are happy if you give criteria directly in a thread, how the filters and selections for your desired title should look like, after all you are the specialist here. 😊Since release, five additional titles have already been implemented through this feature (Hunt: Showdown, Star Citizen, Phasmophobia, Monsterhunter: World as well as Rise and last but not least Valheim). Other titles are already on the agenda.

By the way, the most popular titles on the platform currently are Minecraft, Among Us, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Apex Legends, CoD Warzone and Grand Theft Auto V.


We are very happy developing the platform since the beta release. It is particularly pleasing that a large number of successful matches have already been held. This proves that the matching feature and the thought behind it is already working well on a current scale and as the user base grows, reignite will simply become a big party.

We are still working hard on reignite for you, because the beta shall become a final version one day. You want more details about the next steps? Here you can see our roadmap.

In closing, we just want to say thank you to you! Thank you for your support. Thank you for registering, thank you for every game profile created, every message sent, and thank you for taking the time for us. 😊

Kind regards
The entire reignite team ❤️🔥

P.S.: We will use the Christmas holidays to recharge our batteries with our families and then start again in the new year with fresh ideas. We already wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 🎄🎅🎇

Do you have any questions? Did we forget something?

Then use our contact form and ask us your question. We’ll get back to you super duper fast. As fast as our internet connection allows. Or check out our FAQ section, we hope that helps you.