More than just matchmaking.

re:ignite will be your social gamer network
that connects you with players who actually suit you.

What is reignite?

With reignite we want to create a social gaming network to find, connect and organize players for multiplayer games. The three main focuses are: finding suitable players for your games, simplifying the organization and publishing of your clan or gamer group, and creating and holding tournaments/competitions.

So much more than just another platform.

Create your own avatar, earn titles and rewards to develop and personalize your avatar. Connect with other players and enjoy a gaming experience with like-minded people. Expand your gaming community and easily find the players that suit you.

Overarching community

Our community hub is your new home, where all gamers from different platforms are united.

Social environment

The 12-year-old wishing cancer on our moms in chat gets pushed off his digital bike. Racism, hate, toxicity and your smurf account have no place here!

Meta Avatar

Profile pics are cool, a dancing 3D avatar is better! With every interaction on our platform, he levels up.

Fair tournaments

Tournaments at your skill level. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bloody noob or a semi-pro. Tournaments to train, have fun and of course grind!

make friends

Find teammates that match your level of play or your personality.

Group Tools

We support clans with ingenious tools like a calendar and own channels.

Randoms just
don’t always fit
to you. About time for
matching friends

Playing with randoms can be really exhausting. Don’t you agree? In-game matching is always about rank and account level. But your strengths, language and social components are not considered at all.
Your individual reignite matching score incorporates all of those factors and is as unique as you are!

What are you waiting for? Find perfect friends with similar interests. Finally having fun again while gaming and exciting topics for voice chat – so it never gets boring.

We’re really lonely… …which is why we’re developing this in the first place.

on games?

Not with us.

Our database includes all game titles you can think of (nostalgia fans should also feel well taken care of. 😊). If a title is missing, no problem – email us or message us via social media and we’ll include it!

The gaming
is evolving.

Don’t leave your friends

Recruit friends and receive rewards. Collect unique rewards such as avatars, frames, and unique titles on the way to the official launch of our platform.

Oh, and by the way: re:ignite is and will remain free.

Spark of the first hour – for only 3 Invites.

The Fire Soul is available from 10 Invites.

The Ember Spirit from 21 Invites

42 Invites and we’ll give you the title Keeper of the Eternal Flame.