Do you have questions about us or our product?

Perfect, we’ve got answers for you. And if you’re still undecided, don’t worry – we’re here to explain everything you might want to know.

What is the purpose of the pre-registration?

The actual reignite is currently in development. The pre-registration serves to collect as many users as possible for the launch. A high number of users is important, so that we can make it possible for you to find suitable fellow players.

What do I get by signing up now?

By joining the pre-registration, you have the opportunity to be part of reignite from the beginning and to help shape it through your wishes and opinions. You’ll also have the chance to dust off exclusive loot like an avatar, profile frame, title, and pet so everyone can see you’ve been there from the start.

What can I expect from reignite and when does it start?

The current status of the development and which content is planned for when can be seen on “Our Roadmap”.

How is reignite going to finance itself?

reignite will be available to everyone for free after it goes live. However, there will be reduced targeted advertising space on the website. Optionally, a low-cost premium membership is offered, which makes the use of reignite ad-free and provides additional useful features and information. Furthermore, there will be a cosmetic shop which will offer inexpensive options for the design of your profile.

What is the purpose of the avatar, profile picture frame, title and pet that can be obtained in the grind?

This is a limited time opportunity to get exclusive loot so that everyone can see that you have been in the game from the beginning. Make the most of it now and you’ll be able to keep your veteran status forever.

What are Fire Soul Gems?

There will be a cosmetic shop which will offer inexpensive options to customize your profile. There Fire Soul Gems are used as currency, which you can get now by inviting your friends, but have to buy later.

Can I get content from the Grind even after it is published?

No! Grind items are only available during pre-registration, you only have a chance to get them now.

I want to support you, what can I do?

By participating in the pre-registration and inviting friends, you are already doing us a huge favor. But if you want to do more, feel free to join our Discord server and participate in surveys and tests. And always remember to leave us your opinion in the form of feedback 🙂

Do you have any questions? Did we forget something?

Then use our contact form and ask us your question. We’ll get back to you super duper fast. As fast as our internet connection allows.