Do you have questions about us or our product?

Perfect, we’ve got answers for you. And if you’re still undecided, don’t worry – we’re here to explain everything you might want to know.

What is reignite?

reignite is a free platform / web app where you can search for suitable players, connect and chat with them. If you want more details about our vision, you can find it here: vision board.

What does matchmaking mean?

It means that you can search for suitable players and groups on reignite.

How I can find & add friends?

There are to ways to add friends.

  1. Go to your added games, choose your game and add your profile data. Now you will see the overview of all available possible matches. Click on the profile in the overview. On the right side of your screen, a detailed profile view will appear. Click on the button “Request”. Optional you can add a message. 🙂 
  2. You go to straight to the profile page of someone or you get the profile page shared. With a click on the request button also can add him/her without a game connection

How i can remove friends / matches?

Just click on the Chats & Friends Button, go to the chat with your friend and click the button in the right corner with the three dots and choose “Remove … as friend”

My game is not on reignite right now. What can i do?

No worries, join our public Discord and drop your wish in our games wishlist, with your help we will integrate it as soon as possible. You got no discord, also no problem. Write us an email at

How can I report a bug or provide feedback?

We welcome any form of feedback, as this is the only way we can improve the platform. You can report bugs and feedback directly on our public Discord server or send us a mail to

How to report a person, message or account?

At this stage we do not have an integrated reporting feature, so please take screenshot(s) of the concerned chat history, profile, post, account and send it to us with a short info to our We will check the process and inform you as soon as we have a result. This can usually take 1-3 days.

I want to support you, what can I do?

Use reignite and invite other friends! With this, you’re already doing us a huge favor! 😊. But if you want to do even more: Join our Discord server (talk to us! 😉), participate in our polls and leave us your opinion in the form of constructive feedback. 🙂

How can I verify my registration?

After a successful registration, you receive an email with a unique code into your inbox. Enter the code in the window and confirm. Afterwards, your account will be verified.

If you did not receive the confirmation email with the code, please check your SPAM in your Inbox. If it is, not there, please send a request from the email address that was used to register your account to our Support team ( with the subject “Haven’t received my registration confirmation email”.

Why do I need to verify my email and what happens if I don’t?

The email verification helps us to ensure that accounts are created by real people and not bots / spammers, etc. If you don’t confirm your email, it will be deleted from the system after 3 days.

How do I change my password?

Go to settings, then click on Security & Privacy. Here you can find Change your password. By clicking on the panel, a new form will appear where you can change your password.

I lost my password, what now?

If you have forgotten your password, you can click on Forgot password click, then a new page opens. You can then enter your email address here, whereupon we will email you with a link & a code which will allow you to reset your password.

I can’t log in to my account.

  1. You did not complete the signup process.
  1. Please ensure that you correctly entered email address and password, which you have chosen while in the registration process. If this doesn’t work, please contact our support:
  2. You fear you got hacked, please contact us on Discord or mail us at

Do you have any questions? Did we forget something?

Then use our contact form and ask us your question. We’ll get back to you super duper fast. As fast as our internet connection allows.