The grind of your life 🔥

reignite Beta, I was there!
You want to be able to say and especially show exactly that? Here’s your chance! Invite others to reignite during the beta and receive unique and limited rewards for your reignite account.

More invitations. Epic Rewards.

We love grinding for epic items. Here’s our grind for you! Collect Firesoul Gems (our currency) during the reignite beta and unlock additional epic account levels.

Every successful invitation counts and gives you Fire Soul Gems.

For every spark you pass, you will receive 50 Fire Soul Gems once your mate has successfully registered. By the way: the invited person will of course also get 50 Fire Soul Gems. ❤️🔥

Fire Soul Gems sind die reignite Plattform Währung mit der du später alles mögliche kaufen kannst.

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