Our protocol roadmap

Find out where we are at on our way to becoming the largest social gaming network.

In planning

In development


Alpha (Q2 2021)

Teammate finder

The heart of the platform. Find matching teammates based on personality, time, and game-specific details like role, rank, etc.

Beta (Q4 2021)

Friends list

A list, no, a home for old and new friends.


A common communication channel of the 21st century. There’s really no reinventing the wheel here.

Profile overview

While at the beginning the profile details appear as results of the teammate finder, here finally comes an overview page to the profile of each user.


You can narrow down your matches by age range, online status, country, gender and language.

Online status

On reignite you can always find new teammates, but sometimes it’s urgent. That is why now always
whether the other person is also online and therefore directly available.

New Games

Just in time for the beta starting 11/30-21, we are expanding our game database.

(Year 2022)

News Dashboard

News from your friends and everything about gaming.

direct match

Only have an hour to gamble, but still don’t feel like randoms? Direct Match enables you to make quick and uncomplicated matches in a short time.

Reputation System

Social scoring at its finest. Users can rate each other to see if the information is accurate. Likewise, bad (or even good) behavior will naturally affect one’s reputation.

Mobile optimization / reignite as app

Optimization of the WebApp for responsive display as well as porting of reignite as an app (Android & iOS)

Account “Leveling

Your account grows with you, based on gamification.

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